Friends Quiz: Who Did Rachel Say It To?

Can you remember who Jennifer Aniston's character said it to?

Friends Rachel

It may have been over seventeen years since the final episode of Friends aired, but it definitely hasn't been seventeen days since something in your life has reminded you of a moment or a character from the show. Whether it's a meatball sub sandwich that reminds you of Joey, or a clean freak family member that reminds of you of Monica, there's always something that brings back great memories from one of the greatest television shows of all time.

One character that is often remembered more than others is Rachel Green. Her cute outfits and her on and off again relationship with Ross is something that is still talked about. No matter how many years pass, "we were on a break" will never fail to get a giggle from fans.

Rachel's character is also one that evolved the most out of the six friends. She started out as a spoiled little rich girl who relied on daddy for everything, but she quickly became an independent, career driven young woman. She may still have one or two ditzy moments, but doesn't everyone?

If you love Rachel as much as Ross does, then you should be able to remember who she said the following quotes to over the years.

Answers at the end!

1. "You Are Ready To Make A Commitment!"


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