Friends Quiz: Who Gave Chandler Bing These Nicknames?

Dug his nicknames, did you? Checking out the Chan Chan Man.

Friends Chandler

If you've ever been called a skidmark in high school, then you've definitely formed a band called “Way, No Way”, have a pact with your buddy not to go out with Missy Goldberg and totally have sex in high school. Not to mention questionable looks and unfortunate hair.

All of these factors will make for hundreds of jokes and funny nicknames for the rest of your life. Why do we sound so sure and oddly specific? Well, because we have a vivid example materialised in one legendary character. Chandler Bing. The beloved Chan Chan Man.

Having Muriel as his middle name, he had tons of present-day identities as well as future imaginary ones, like the crazy snake man the kids will run from. Chandler was famous for criticising and making fun of his friends. But, ironically, the best nicknames and criticisms were the ones he gave to himself.

Let’s see how well you remember all the Chandler Bing nicknames and aliases over the course of the shows ten seasons.

Answers at the end!

1. Ringo


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