Friends Quiz: Who Gave Joey Tribbiani These Nicknames?

How well do you remember Joseph Francis Tribbiani's alliases?

The One Where Underdog Gets Away Friends Joey

Despite the great number of sitcoms appearing on screens in the 90s and the early 2000s, Friends has won over the hearts of millions of fans that just can’t help re-watching it even today. Yes, the plot is insanely entertaining, but the six amazing characters are the ones who make every single dialogue so memorable and every situation so hilarious.

No one can deny that the main protagonists of the show have been picked to perfection. Take Joey for instance - a charismatic Italian-American struggling actor living in New York and facing all sorts of challenges, except for finding gorgeous women to date. This, Mr. Tribbiani, does with no extra effort. In fact, just a simple “how you doin’” phrase can make the hottest women in the room fall for him.

His love for women, food and sleep is what makes Joey Joey. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine how this egocentric young fella can be really sentimental and caring at times, making some of the most heartwarming moments of the show. With his eccentric character, career and the weird situations he always gets into, Joey is also the king of all sorts of nicknames.

How well do you remember them though?

1. Anti-Man


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