Friends Quiz: Who Gave Rachel Green These Nicknames?

How well do you remember Rachel Karen Green's aliases?

Friends Rachel Green

Rachel's outfits continue to inspire the fans and designers from all over the world. Not to mention her hairstyles. Seriously, did she use some sort of special conditioner on that hair? We bet it’s Papaya extract.

So, if you want to come up with a nickname for this beautiful woman, it should be something like fashionista or “I don't need a job, I don't need my parents, I've got great boots” girl. But the truth is, Rachel’s character is far from just being a well-dressed barbie doll.

She's a sophisticated, kind hearted, 10% percent jealous, determined woman who almost made her way to Paris. And that’s not all. Her life choices, career path and sarcastic side gave us a legitimate reason to create a list of 20 nicknames for her. Some wild names come from her teenage years, the others were given to her by the beloved gang.

Well, let’s see who stands behind these nicknames. Don’t be surprised if you come across the ones that are Rachel’s intellectual property.

Answers at the end!

1. Rachele


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