Friends Quiz: Who Kissed These Guys - Monica, Rachel Or Phoebe?

The one with all the kissing : Part 1.


Friends has been an epitome of love and friendship among billions of people across all age groups. Day in and day out we saw six young, attractive, twenty-something friends navigate their work, friendship and relationships in New York City.

Over the course of 10 years, we encountered numerous dates, heartbreaks, countless “we were on a break” (of course with tons of laughter) and even though Joey was the womanizer who dated, kissed and slept with a ton of women, the three girls weren’t far behind.

Of course, the three had their run with their soulmates but they also had numerous other serious relationships, flings and even one time wonders. The list is really long if we start counting all the guys these three have kissed and only true die-hard fans will be able to recall all those kisses.

Are you a true fan? Can you tell who among Monica, Rachel and Phoebe kissed these guys?

Answers at the end!

1. Pete Becker


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