Friends Quiz: Who Kissed These Men - Rachel, Monica Or Phoebe?

The One With All The Kissing.

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Friends harbours a dedicated worldwide fanbase and enjoys its continuous stay on trending charts. And its phenomenal success is all down to its relatable characters and their iconic personalities.

For ten seasons and 236 episodes, fans witnessed their favourite characters tackle life in their twenties as they paralleled between jobs, friends and romantic partners. Between the six lead characters, there were countless dates, heartbreaks, one-night stands and, of course, the infamous "we were on a break". And even though the three boys had a lot more say in the romantic storyline (mainly because of Joey being the resident womaniser of the group), the three girls weren't far behind. Of course, Monica, Rachel and Phoebe had long run with their soulmates, but they also had numerous flings, weird escapades and one-night wonders.

The list will be endless if we consider every guy they ended up kissing, and only die-hard fans will be able to recall all those kisses. Are you a true Friends fan? Can you remember who among Rachel, Monica and Phoebe kissed these men? Let's find out!

1. Timothy


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