Friends Quiz: Who Kissed Who - Chandler, Joey Or Ross?

The One With All The Kissing: Part I.

Ross And Rachel Friends

Over the course of 10 years, we encountered numerous dates, heartbreaks, countless “we were on a break” and too many kisses to remember. Monica, Rachel and Phoebe had their fair share of love stories, but none compare to the resident womaniser on Friends - Joey Tribbiani.

He was quite the ladies man who dated, kissed and slept with a ton of women, but Chandler and Ross weren’t that far behind either considering that Chandler effectively went off the market at the end of season four, and Ross was only available when Ross and Rachel "were on a break". But this doesn't mean that they did not have their fair share of romances.

10 years and 236 episodes later, we can all agree that the three boys had numerous serious relationships, flings and even one time wonders. The list becomes even longer if we start counting all the girls these three have kissed and only true die-hard fans will be able to recall all those kisses.

Just how big a Friends nerd are you? 1000 Internet Points if you achieve 100%.

Answers at the end!

1. Monica


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