Friends Quiz: Who Said It - Jack Geller Or Judy Geller?

Was it the "I'm just saying" father or the critical mother ?

Friends Jack And Judy Geller

“Well, you know, these people are pros. They know what they’re doing. They take their time. They get the job done.” Ironically, this description of the most iconic on screen parents, Jack and Judy Geller, came from the medical marvel himself. Not their Monicaw, with no ambitions and no future cancer risks.

Judy and Jack, with their favouritism of Ross, gave Monica a real hard time. Worshiping Ross’ museum and published papers, they classified him as a person who needed to shoot for the stars. However, Ross shot for the lesbian wife and her lover.

Well, little Harmonica. You had your childhood boxes ruined, your wedding money spent, your room transferred into a gym, but you did get the Porsche and slept with your parents’ close friend, Richard. So, we guess that you and Ross are even and declare Jack and Judy Geller the best parents in the American TV sitcom history.

Now, as the award goes to the Geller family, we suggest you take a quiz built from their most memorable quotes and pull a Monica.

Answers at the end!

1. "Well, I Don't Know What To Say. You're A Wonderful Human Being."


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