Friends Quiz: Who Said It - Joey, Phoebe Or Ross?

Can you remember who thought Unangi was a total stare of awareness?


To this day, so many of the words and phrases used by the Friends characters are regularly quoted and referenced, both in popular culture and I’m sure in real-life conversations. Who hasn’t heard at least one of their actual friends quote the real Friends tv show with passages like “OH MY GOD!”, or a high shriek “I KNOW!”.

For today’s quiz you won’t find those particular memorable phrases from Janice Litman or Monica Geller. Neither will you see any quotes from Friends characters like Chandler Bing or Rachel Green. Instead we’re focusing on these three eccentrics - Joey Tribbiani, Phoebe Buffay and Ross Geller.

Can you remember who thought Unangi was a total stare of awareness or which character wasn’t too happy that someone had hung up on the pizza place? Or how about which Friends character was particularly concerned with the left phalange on an aeroplane?

Take our impossible Friends quotes quiz below as we ask you who said it between Joey, Phoebe and Ross. Don't forget you can check out how you did with the full answers sheet after you've answered the final question at the end of the quiz.

1. “This Is The Nicest Kitchen. … The Refrigerator Told Me To Have A Great Day.”


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