Friends Quiz: Who Said It - Monica, Joey Or Rachel?

Can you remember who said “I’m Probably 98 Percent Happy And 2 Percent Jealous.”


It’s true that at certain points in the history of the television show Friends that Joey Tribbiani was a love interest for best friends Monica Geller and Rachel Green.

The instant attraction that Monica and Joey shared upon their first meeting didn’t last all that long and never really went anywhere but the controversial shipping of Rachel and Joey towards the end of the series certainly went a bit further and almost became a full on relationship.

For our money, the early chemistry shared between Monica and Joey was electric and felt more of a natural fit than Monica and Chandler Bing but sadly we never got to see it fully explored.

Monica, Joey and Rachel felt the most alive of all the Friends main characters and together they shared so many of the show’s most memorable moments. But how well can you tell the quotes from the three characters apart?

Take our impossible Friends quiz below and check out how you did with the answers at the very end.

1. “Everything’s Fine, It’s Just A Little Crush.”


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