Friends Quiz: Who Said It - Monica Or Chandler?

Can you separate the Bing from the Gellar?

Chandler and Monica Bing

Ask any Friends fan who the ultimate power couple from the sitcom was and there will always be a heated debate. Ross and Rachel? Phoebe and Mike? Chandler and Janice? Rachel and Joey? Over the ten seasons of laughter, every member of the main six friends had their fair share of relationships. Some of them ended in disaster, some were completely rocky and others were true love. And perhaps the show's greatest couple was Chandler Bing paired with Monica Gellar.

Monica and Chandler's romantic journey throughout the series was incredible - starting off as just friends who lived across the hall from each other, to having a meaningless one-night stand in London, to then getting married and starting their own lives outside of the city. They were sweet, funny and often, very realistic as a couple in terms of how they overcame their relationship obstacles together.

Yes, Monica and Chandler have their differences but they balance each other out which is what made them such a good couple, and they were ultimately the glue that held the gang together.

With over 200 episodes, are you a loyal enough fan to get 100% on this Monica and Chandler quiz?

1. "This Is The Worst Breakup In The History Of The World!"


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