Friends Quiz: Who Said It - Phoebe Or Joey?

Which weirdo said it?

Friends Phoebe Joey

It's been over 28 years since Friends first aired. This show gave the perfect ending to a fairy tale story, just as the audience wanted. By the end, Ross and Rachel were reunited and Monica and Chandler's life as a family was great.

Despite the series' perfect ending, there are a lot of questions about Joey being single, and since there were six friends - Ross with Rachel, and Monica with Chandler, why not Joey with Phoebe? They were both weird, carefree, rebellious, and knew how to live life to the fullest. Together they reached new levels of awesomeness when they become Ken Adams and Regina Phalange. Phoebe was as childish as Joey and she was also very good at reigning him in!

Most viewers thought of Joey and Phoebe as the stupid ones who made bad decisions, and were pretty clueless. But Joey and Phoebe were just on their own level, having intelligence in different ways. Funny and insightful at random moments. And as foolish as they are, many of their quotes are smart and at the same time ridiculous. But for now, it's time to remember who delivered these witty and funny quotes – was it Joey or was it Phoebe?

1. “One Really Does Have A Stick Up One’s Ass. Doesn’t One?”


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