Friends Quiz: Who Said It - Rachel Or Joey?

Are you an expert on Friends' Rachel Green and Joey Tribbiani?

Friends Joey Rachel

When Monica and Chandler finally decide to move in together, their two roommates are left alone; Rachel ends up moving in with Phoebe, whilst Joey asks dancer Janine to live with him.

Following a break-up with Janine and a fire in Phoebe's apartment, Joey and Rachel finally wind up living together. Despite being seemingly so different, the pair discovered their friendship only got stronger during this time. Rachel was happy with all of Joey's little quirks, and Joey in turn helped Rachel look after Emma.

For a while, it seemed like Joey and Rachel might actually make it as a couple. The two did try to make it work, but it turned out they both valued their friendship far too much to risk it ending in romantic failure.

Joey and Rachel might have a great friendship, but can you tell them apart? This quiz contains 12 quotes, and all you need to do is identify if it was Rachel or Joey who said each of these lines of dialogue.

Do you remember who called themselves a "dessert stealer"? Do you know if it was Joey or Rachel who doesn't like it when you take food off their plate?

Let's find out if you truly are an expert on Friends' Rachel Green and Joey Tribbiani!

Answers at the end!

1. I’m Curvy And I Like It.


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