Friends Quiz: Who Said It - Rachel Or Ross?

Can you work out which one of this iconic couple said it?

Friends Ross and rachel

Throughout the whole of Friends there was a story that we all wanted to end one way.

The love story between Rachel Green and Ross Geller was one that audiences wanted a happy ending for. From the very first episode of Friends, it was revealed that Ross first fell in love with Rachel back in high school, though it takes a while for the pair to finally get together.

Rachel dates Paolo while Ross gives up hope and begins to date Julie. Yet, thanks to an old tape revealing that Ross was going step in to take Rachel to prom, the pair finally give things a go... only for them to break up because of Ross' jealous behaviour and him sleeping with someone else.

The two were to find themselves on again... and off again... many times. They even found themselves as unexpected parents when Rachel became pregnant from one night together. Still, it took Rachel actually being offered a job in Paris for the pair to finally decide that what they wanted all along was each other.

To celebrate this iconic couple, we've got some of the duo's best quotes. All you need to do is work out whether it was Ross or Rachel who said each of these quotes.

Let's see if you can prove yourself the ultimate fan of Friends and get every answer correct!

Answers at the end!

1. I Tell You, When I Actually Die, Some People Are Going To Get Seriously Haunted.


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