Friends Quiz: Who Said It - Rachel, Phoebe Or Monica?

Let's see if you can tell Rachel Green, Monica Geller and Phoebe Buffay apart!


In Friends, the Rachel Green, Monica Geller and Phoebe Buffay had a relationship that was very special.

Though extremely close their friendship wasn't perfect. Phoebe once admitted she tried to freeze out Monica. Rachel didn't want to jog with Phoebe as she thought her run was embarrassing. Whilst Monica became angry that Rachel didn't appear to be sad to be moving out.

Yet despite that, Rachel, Phoebe and Monica always did have each other's backs. They worked together to get Joey and Chandler out of their apartment and Monica took Rachel in when she ran out of her old life.

The question is, how much do you know about these amazing female friends?

Can you tell these three sitcom icons apart? We've collected some of the best quotes from these famous former residents of apartment 20, all you need to do is decide who said what.

Do you remember who called themselves a dessert stealer? Do you know who said the opposite of man is jam? Let's see if you can tell Rachel, Monica and Phoebe apart!

Don't forget, all the answers can be found at the end of the quiz. Good luck!

1. They Don’t Know That We Know They Know We Know.


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