Friends Quiz: Who Said It - Richard Burke Or Paul Stevens?

Which famous guest star was it - Selleck or Willis?

Friends Quiz

Labelling all the best things about the classic sitcom, Friends will leave you with a list longer than the show's run itself. It's a series that has risen to the highest ranks of the industry thanks to how popular, likeable and downright hilarious it was.

Still, in that list of highlights, you'll find two specific points - celebrity guest stars and romantic love interests. Of course, when it comes to those points, they can often be combined.

The show had plenty of enjoyable guest stars who played romantic foil to the characters. But, there were a few occasions where the guests stuck around and became fully integrated characters - even if only for a short time. Two of the best were Tom Selleck as Richard Burke and Bruce Willis as Paul Stevens.

As major love interests of Monica and Rachel (respectively, not simultaneously), these two charmed plenty of viewers with their dry wit, strong personalities and celebrity presences. Still, while both made a big impression thanks to their own merits, it can become quite tough to sort between them.

So, let's see if you can tell the difference between the handsome ophthalmologist and the disapproving father.

1. "Did You Kill Any Of These Wives?"


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