Friends Quiz: Who Said It, Ross Geller Or Phoebe Buffay?

How well do you really know Pheebs and the Ross-A-Tron?


Phoebe and Ross have one of the more interesting relationships on Friends. Although the show had one of the closest knit groups seen on a sitcom, the two have always been seen as slight outliers.

Joey and Chandler have always taken the spotlight for the boys due to their bromance, and Monica and Rachel forged a strong bond back in college while Phoebe was still fighting for food on the mean streets.

All that being said, Ross and Phoebe are integral to the group, but their distance has created a unique dynamic not see in the other characters. Both have bumped heads on occasions - whether that was when Phoebe didn’t believe in gravity, or Ross disagreed about Phoebe’s mother being a cat.

With their little niggling arguments aside, Ross and Phoebe’s relationship is dynamic, and when it comes to crunch time, they are always their for each other when it really matters.

The possibility even stretched to the two getting romantically involved in the non-canonical episode ’The One That Could Have Been’, only for some pesky balls to get in the way - can you imagine that?

How well do you know two of the more complex characters on Friends? Can you tell Ross Geller and Phoebe Buffay apart from their quotes alone?

Answers at the end!

1. "That Sandwich Was The Only Good Thing I Had In My Life And Someone Ate It"


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