Friends Quiz: Who Said It - Ross Or Monica Geller?

Which sibling said these iconic lines?


Sitcoms are always about families, whether that's biological ones or people thrust together in a work environment or as friends or whatever - they work because the closer you watch people get, the more they love and laugh and have friction together. You never have fun like you do with your siblings. You never fight as much as you do with your siblings. You never share sadness quite like the times families do. That's why it's the bedrock of comedy.

And the best comedy comes out of sibling relationships that are based on as many differences as they are similarities. When two characters share the same genetics and neuroses but are completely different in most other ways, the comedy usually flows perfectly. Take Ross and Monica from Friends as an example.

Both were the product of their parents' quirkiness only one was a golden child and the other an after-thought. Both grew up losers but one blossomed and the other sort of just turned into a different kind of dork. Across a decade we watched their sibling rivalry and their love for one another shine through the sitcom as they became two of the most quotable TV characters ever.

But how much do you remember everything they said?

Answers at the end!

1. “I Honestly Don't Know If I'm Hungry Or Horny.”

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