Friends Quiz: Who Said It To Rachel?

Only die-hard Friends fans can score 100% on this impossible Rachel Green quiz.

Friends Rachel

When it comes to the genuinely greatest TV shows of all-time, Friends is a series that is unquestionably right up there. To some, Friends is the absolute best show in the history of television – and even for those who don’t quite agree with that statement, it’s hard to argue that Friends is not at least in the conversation.

The main part of the charm of Friends remains the six core characters at the centre of the show, with these six, their supporting players and the Central Perk venue responsible for some of the most memorable moments in sitcom history.

In amongst the antics and adventures of Friends, one of the reasons that the series has still has such an appeal for repeat viewings is the brilliant dialogue dotted across the show. Everybody with even a passing interest in Friends will have their own favourite quote or exchange from the series – and here it’s all about quotes related to one particular character.

All of the quotes here revolve around Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel Green. But not are these quotes from Rachel, it’s more that the following lines of dialogue were all said to Rachel by one of her pals.

It’s a tough ask that only the biggest of Friends fans will be up for, as the mission at hand here is to identify which Friends character said each of the following lines to Rachel!

1. "I’m Sorry, We Don’t Have Your Sheep."


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