Friends Quiz: Who Said This To Monica - Rachel Or Phoebe?

"Hi, it's Phoebe and Rachel's. Please leave a message, thanks!"


Friends took the world by storm shortly after its debut.

Six friends with incredible charm and a one of a kind sense of humour. The memorable episodes, moments and lines bring laughter to anyone who watches it.

Fans immediately fell in love with Joey’s charisma, Ross’ tenderness and Chandler’s sarcasm. These guys certainly could win “The Best TV Bromance” of all time, but what about the girls? Rachel, Monica and Phoebe are a true testament to what a BFF should be and so are Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow.

Besides their constant fights, pushover Rachel, flaky Phoebe and high-maintenance Monica were always there for each other. They borrowed stuff from each other, went shopping, running, and tried to be their own wind keepers.

There is no denying that Monica Geller was the nucleus of this epic trio. Everyone remembers how she made decisions for Rachel and planned Phoebe’s wedding. So, everyone can score 100% on a Monica Geller quotes quiz. But can you remember who said these quotes to her? Was it Rachel or was it Phoebe?

Answers at the end!

1. "Ooh, How About Agamemnon?"


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