Friends Quiz: Who Said This To Rachel - Phoebe Or Monica?

Who said this to Princess pushover - Ms. Hot Shot Chef Harmonica Or Princess Consuela Bananahammock?

Friends Rachel Monica Phoebe

Friends premiered on NBC in 1994 and went on for ten seasons. The iconic sitcom followed the adventures of six twenty-somethings living in 1990s Manhattan.

The Central Perk six includes the high-strung chef Monica Geller and her nerdy brother/divorcee Ross. There is also the sarcastic man-child Chandler Bing, the charming but dim-witted actor Joey Tribbiani, and the self-taught musician and otherworldly Phoebe Buffay.

The last to join the tight-knit group is Rachel Green. She left her fiancé at the altar, stumbled into Monica and kickstarted the story of Friends. That's how pivotal she is to the story of the show. At first, the fans were introduced to a spoiled princess in Rachel, but with the help of her friends, especially Monica and Phoebe, she found her identity and blossomed into a strong, independent woman in fashion.

Throughout the series, Rachel learned and laughed with Monica and Phoebe, forming an everlasting bond, one we all envy. But as tightly-knit they were, there were always moments of falling apart and berating each other, which eventually cemented their relationship as the most iconic female trio to grace our televisions ever!

But how well do you remember their interactions? Can you identify who said this to Rachel - Phoebe or Monica? Take this quiz to find out!

1. "Okay, I Have A Wedgie."


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