Friends Quiz: Who Screamed It - Monica, Rachel Or Phoebe?

The One With The Scream Queens.

monica rachel phoebe

Friends is one of the most widely renowned sitcoms. With its jokes still echoing worldwide among a global fanbase, the show goes down in history books as one of the funniest sitcoms to ever grace our television screens.

Moulded through exceptional writing and relatable storylines, the characters and their dynamics make up some of the most memorable moments on the show. And one such fan-favourite dynamic is the iconic trio of Monica, Rachel and Phoebe.

The three girls accounted for every major storyline on the show and shined with their unique personalities. Every time the girl trio shared the screen, it resulted in genuine moments of laughter, love and friendship. The perfect yin to other's yang - Monica, Rachel and Phoebe's personalities bounced off each other in the best way possible.

The fan love for these iconic TV ladies never stops. Whether obsessing over Rachel's fashion choices, Phoebe's otherworldly aura or Monica's best friend vibes, the internet is filled with millions of pieces covering this legendary trio. So, here's another fun quiz for their fans.

Can you remember who screamed these lines?

1. “Seven! Seven! SEVEN!”


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