Friends Quiz: Who Searched It - Ross, Chandler Or Joey?

So it seems like this internet thing is here to stay...

Friends Chandler Ross Joey

Friends is a guideline for an adult life. You can always seek Manhattan gang's advice or sarcastic comment for any situation.

Monica Geller can give you excellent organising and cleaning tips. Rachel will give you a fashion advice and help overcome a solo trip in Greece. Ross can teach you about evolution. Phoebe will help you live on the street and mug geeks. And you can always pick up a girl with Joey's line "How you doing?". Call Chandler when you feel blue, if you can handle his sarcasm.

However, the wisdomous sextet had troubles of their own - like how to say the right name at the altar or finding a lost engagement ring. These questions troubled Joey, Ross and Chandler, but they somehow managed to overcome the vicious cycle of failures. Let's remember their issues and try to match the question to the character.

What would Ross and Chandler's Internet search history look like? What would Joey have searched if he had access to Chandler's computer?

1. How To Look Cute In Pictures?


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