Friends Quiz: Who Was It - Chandler And Monica Or Ross And Rachel?

Which Friends couple was it?


Friends was about a lot of things, but the thing that made its heart beat more than anything was coffee... No, that's not right... LOVE! It was all about love!

This was a show in which six good-looking, aspirational New Yorkers navigated the dating scene, the job market and their (usually dysfunctional) families to find each other, themselves and the loves of their lives over ten glorious seasons. Well, not Joey, but he had his sandwiches at least.

In that time, we watched Ross and Rachel live out the most compelling will-they-won't-they romance in TV history and saw Monica and Chandler blossom from friends into unlikely lovers and finally to their own family. That final episode saw both couples wrapping up together and setting out into a brave new world together that would end with marital bliss and kids for both.

But how well do you know the two main couples in Friends?

Answers at the end!

1. Have Blue And Yellow Umbrellas During The Opening Credits

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