Friends Quiz: Who Was It - Joey Or Phoebe?

Which fan favourite was it?


Joey and Phoebe are arguably two of the most popular television characters of all time. Although their friendship never blossomed into something a little more, much to the disappointment of a lot fans, they still gave us plenty of friendship goals!

The two would often goof around together playing weird games, chick and duck races and even having "monthly meetings" about their other friends just because they could. The two were so close, that anything more than a friendship would have probably ruined the bond the two of them shared.

You may know them as best friends, but can you tell them apart from the following 15 statements? Test your Friends knowledge with this quiz. Was it Joey Tribbiani or Phoebe Buffay?

Let us know how you do in the comments thread below.

Answers at the end!

1. Who Was Born In 1966?


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