Friends Quiz: Who Was It - Monica Or Janice?

These questions will make you say "! 'I know!' this!"


Monica and Janice are signature and recurring characters in the hit U.S sitcom, Friends, which ran from 1994 to 2004.

Monica is Ross' younger sister but despite this, she is renowned for being the nurturing, but bossy mother hen of the group. Obsessive about order and cleanliness, extremely competitive and has been described by her friends as "high-maintenance".

Janice's frequent appearances are easily remembered for her ever-increasing, comically annoying, nasal tone, self-absorption and, of course, her trademark catchphrase "Oh...My...God!". Not only does she turn up at the worst possible moments, she is also a huge drama queen. She is seemingly oblivious to how irritating she is to the rest of the gang.

These two women are vastly different but do have their similarities. Both of them have had a romantic relationship with Chandler and their actions, no matter how exasperating they can be, are mostly well-intended.

Keeping this mind, it wouldn't be out of place for either of them to say or do these particular things in the forthcoming questions. It was only one of them though, but can you remember who it was?

Answers at the end!

1. Who Did Chandler Refer To As The “Most Beautiful Woman That Night”?

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