Friends Quiz: Who Wore It?

"You hide my clothes, I'm wearing everything you own!"

Friends Rachel

You know that a TV show is legendary if it is still watched by millions over twenty years after its final episode aired. That popular show is of course, Friends.

Streaming the '90s show in 2021 engenders shaky thoughts and feelings: the desire to travel back in time and use retro phones, chatting in a coffee houses for hours without WiFi and scrolling through all those magazines and getting inspired for our next outfit. However, if you fail to find a working time machine, you can always switch on your television and take a trip down memory lane.

Rachel’s short skirts and Knicks sweater, Phoebe’s boho-mixed dresses and oversized sweaters, Monica's mom jeans and tight top combos are all bound to give you that nostalgic feeling.

Besides the everyday urban outfits, the girls also rocked some gorgeous slip dresses as well as some corporate outfits. And so did the guys! Remember Ross’ leather jeans and classic overcoats? Chandler’s ties and Joey’s purse? But can you remember everything they wore over the course of the shows ten seasons? The answer is, probably not!

Let’s see if you can remember the friends' most iconic outfits and funny costumes.

Answers at the end!

1. Who Wore All Of Chandler's Clothes?


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