Friends Quiz: Whose Joke Was It - Chandler Or Joey?

"Hi, I’m Chandler. I make jokes when I’m uncomfortable."

Friends Joey Chandler

In Friends, there are two guys who really provide the jokes.

Chandler has always is ready with a sarcastic comment when a social situation gets too uncomfortable for him. His sense of humour is unwavering and makes up a huge part of who he is. He gets angry when he thinks that Ross may have stolen his joke. Chandler finds himself getting really insecure when he hears Monica describing a guy at her work as the funniest person she knows. She soon comes to her senses and confirms that Chandler is in fact funnier.

If Chandler is intentionally funny, then Joey brings the unintentional comedy to Friends. With his ditsy persona and often child-like outlook on life, Joey has a habit of making everyone laugh without meaning to. He ended up with his arm in a sling from jumping on his bed and his love of Hugsy the Penguin are just part of his hilarious charm.

With so many different jokes from the pair you might not be able to recognise who said what? This quiz will test just how much you remember about Joey and Chandler's jokes? Let's find out if you can get ever question correct?

1. You Hung Up On The Pizza Place? I Don’t Hang Up On Your Friends.


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