Friends Quiz: Whose Nickname Is It – Joey, Chandler Or Ross?

Who endured these crazy nicknames and aliases in Friends? Was it Joey, Chandler or Ross?


Part of Friends’ ever-lasting charm is the unique bond between the six characters at the centre of the show.

Whether they were pals, family or love interests, this six forever bounced off each other, making for hugely entertaining TV in the process. So much so, you could argue that no central group of sitcom characters ever worked as well together as Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe.

As part of that ‘bouncing off’, of course, is what would these days been labelled as banter. And on the banter stakes, the main faces of Friends were so often referred to by a multitude of various nicknames.

Sometimes these nicknames were bestowed on them by one of the other main characters, other times by themselves, and other times by total randoms - and the end result was that Friends had an utterly stupid amount of mantles and monikers assigned to its main group.

To hone in on the guys of the group, then, here are a whole bunch of nicknames associated with Joey, Chandler and Ross – and to prove yourself as the ultimate die-hard Friends fan, here it’s all about deciding which nickname belongs to which of these three characters!

1. Gel Boy


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