Friends Quiz: Whose Nickname Is It - Rachel, Monica Or Phoebe?

Can you distinguish the fashionista, the chef and the masseuse from their nicknames alone?

Rachel Monica Phoebe Friends

For ten years, day in and day out, fans across the globe saw six young, attractive, twenty-something friends navigate their work, friendship and relationships in '90s New York. But little did anyone know that the love for Friends would resonate for generations to come.

The medium changed from NBC to streaming platforms, but the fandom only grew stronger, and the show's trademarks somehow worked their way into our lives. From Chandler's one-liners to Rachel's hairstyle, from Joey's two pizzas to Phoebe's weird outfits, from Monica's cooking to Ross's romanticism, the six best friends became a part of our lives.

The subtle Friends references float around freely in our conversations. And the ones that still crack us up are the nicknames this fan-favourite group shared, especially the female members of the Central Perk Six - Monica, Rachel and Phoebe.

The female trio always had the funniest, ridiculous and over the top nicknames for each other. But the question is, how well do you remember those nicknames? You might be able to recall Chandler's job or the lyrics to Smelly Cat, but do you remember all those awesome nicknames. Can you distinguish the chef, the masseuse and the fashionista from these nicknames alone?

Answers at the end!

1. Big Fat Goalie


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