Friends Quiz: You’ll Never 100% This Fill In The Gaps Chandler Bing Quiz

Can you remember what Chandler Bing actually said in these famous Friends quotes?

Chandler Bing Friends

A whole 17 years after it aired its final ever episodes, Friends is still just as popular – it not even more so – than during its stunning ten-year run.

Thanks to the countless replays and re-runs of this iconic sitcom, fans old and new are still frequenting the action of these six pals on a scarily regular basis. Wherever you are in the globe, chances are that you’ll find Friends playing on some channel or streaming service if you have a look at your listings.

One of the true gifts that keep on giving for Friends is Matthew Perry’s Chandler Bing. Forever the sarcastic, smarmy and a tad cringe-inducing one of the group, Chandler was responsible for so many of Friends’ most memorable moments.

As a show, Friends still maintains to this day one of the most passionate fanbases in all of pop culture. And when it comes to Chandler, that’s very much also the case, for his jokes still hit, his dry wit still resonates, and even the more tender moments of the character land as well as they did all those years ago.

How well do you really know Chandler Bing, then? Here are a whole host of Chandler quotes – all you have to do is fill in the relevant blanks of this famed lines of dialogue.

1. I Don’t Want To Be The Guy Who Has A Problem With His Boss ____ His ____.


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