Friends Quiz: You’ll Never 100% This Fill In The Gaps Phoebe Buffay Quiz

Could this Friends quotes quiz BE any harder? How much do you remember about Phoebe Buffay!

Friends Phoebe

When looking at the greatest shows in TV history, Friends is undoubtedly in the conversation. Across its legendary ten-year run, this sitcom cemented its spot as one of the all-out most entertaining series of all time.

Even now, there are so many people who have Friends as part of their weekly viewing habits – largely down to the sheer number of stations and streaming services that have the show constantly available through re-runs and repeat viewings.

An obvious part of the appeal of Friends, of course, were the six core characters at the centre of the action. And when it comes to the all-out favourite characters of Friends, many a fan would offer up Phoebe Buffay as the very best of the bunch when it comes to hitting all of the right beats when it comes to providing a constantly engaging TV character.

Like to think of yourself as one of those HUGE Friends fans? If so, here’s a test that you should be able to ace. And even better, this test is all about Lisa Kudrow’s beloved Phoebe.

Here, then, are a whole load of quotes from the mouth of Phoebe Buffay – you just have to fill in the missing words!

1. If You Had To, What Would You Give Up? ____ Or Sex?


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