Friends Quotes Quiz: Match Phoebe Buffay's Quote To The Season

Ladies and gentlemen, Princess Consuela Banana Hammock and her weird quotes all in one quiz.

Friends Phoebe

Statistically speaking, Chandler Bing was the funniest person of the famous Manhattan gang. Of course, we didn't have a chance to meet Monica's coworker at. Javu who she claimed was without a doubt the funniest guy she had ever met. You want some aloe vera Chandler? Because you just got burned!

The truth is that other members of the sextet went out of their way to make us laugh throughout ten seasons of the monumental series.

Monica with her obsessive cleanliness, Rachel with her sharp comebacks towards Ross, Joey with his math knowledge and Ross with his gestures. And, of course, we can dedicate a whole chapter to Phoebe, the outsider of the group, who wished to know her middle name and live in a world where Joey was not right. Her unpredictable, eccentric reactions and weirdly funny quotes made the show look like a real life improvisation.

That's what made "the lady who sings about the truth" so special and wonderfully weird. That's why Mike Hannigan fell hopelessly in love with her.

Yes, Phoebe is all about fun, so is this quiz. Let's see if you can match her quotes to the season.

1. "Oh, I Wish I Could, But I Don't Want To."


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