Friends: Rachel's Boyfriends Ranked!

So no one told you "love" was gonna be this way!

Friends Rachel Joshua

Dating isn't easy, but it gets a hell of a lot harder if you're a character in a sitcom.

The success of the classic comedy show Friends can be put down to many things, but one of the most significant was its ability to reflect real life. Sure, you had absurd elements like pet monkeys, uncomfortable situations and just about everything Phoebe ever did, but it was fundamentally built around believable and relatable life experiences.

Thanks to this, the show found a lot of success in exploring the dating lives of its central characters, and boy howdy, did they meet some interesting people. New York is a place that's filled to the brim with vibrant characters, meaning viewers got a healthy dose of charming, crazy and hilarious people. Still, of all the "friends", Rachel Green's roster of fellas certainly is one of the most exciting.

Throughout the show's ten seasons, she met a bunch of interesting (and some not so interesting) guys who brought a new spirit to the series and managed to challenge her in many ways, giving fans plenty of great moments. However, some were better than others...

15. Josh

Friends Rachel Joshua

Do you remember Josh? Not really? That's fair enough.

Not to be confused with Josh-UA (who you'll be seeing much later), this guy was a simple ploy to get back at Ross. He appeared in the episode "The One With Joey's New Girlfriend" from season four and was Rachel's way at getting revenge on everyone's favourite palaeontologist for dating Amanda.

His character revolved around being young and loving to party, but he really wasn't interesting at all. It definitely felt like a strange decision to date him, especially as they had no real connection. But, as already stated, he was just a means to an end.

The character was bland and entirely inconsequential and even ended up stealing from Monica and Rachel. If you're "boyfriend" is stealing from you and just using you to get beer, then you know it's not a match made in heaven.


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