Friends Reunion: 18 Glaring Questions It Must Answer

If it ever actually happens, there are some questions that definitely need to be addressed.

When Friends ended its 10 year reign in 2004, it wasn't long until fans were itching to know if there would ever be a reunion. It was inevitable - the show was a phenomenal cultural hit to the extent that it has far surpassed its original scope. Since then, claims have been thrown around almost yearly regarding whether or not the six friends would reunite on our screens for one last time, ranging from a definite yes to suggestions that Jennifer Aniston would definitely never be on board with the idea. But there have been whispers that something is actually in the works for a while now, even beyond the annual fake rumours, and with the news that the cast will come together for an NBC special honouring director James Burrows, we might be closer than ever to an actual reunion show. Because, sadly for fans losing their minds over the news, this is not a real reunion: it won't see new episodes made. It should, but it won't. It has been confirmed that David Schwimmer, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry and Matt Le Blanc are all more than happy to unite for a reunion episode or film and that Jennifer Aniston is also slowly being convinced to take part. And that's got to be enough to make fans seriously excited about the possibility of seeing not only the six most famous Manhattan residents reunited, but also the chance to see some of the glaringly unanswered questions from the show finally answered. Because, despite the satisfying feel of the finale (emotionally devastating though it was,) the show was never quite perfectly tied up, and several issues are still floating around unresolved...

18. Where Did Ben Go?

From the earliest episodes of the show, Ross' relationship with his ex-wife, her lesbian lover, and their child, Ben, was an important sub-plot, and a particularly colourful source of Ross' neurosis, but towards the end, that particular creative well was clearly deemed to have run dry, as all three characters pretty much vanished from the show. Ross, being a frankly terrible father, apparently stopped caring about his first born son, as soon as his new daughter came along, prompting accusations that he had simply consigned Ben to the scrap heap as a product of his past mistakes. Way to go Ross - father of the year behaviour right there. So what did happen to Ross? Is he now a maladjusted 19 year old - seeking vengeance on his baby half-sister for the disruption she caused, writing angry rock songs about his estranged father and his new love interest? There's certainly a good chance.

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