Friends: Surprisingly Easy Ross Geller Quiz

You have no idea how much not passing this quiz hurts!

Friends Ross

If you watch a series once, it's just a series. If you watch a series twice, it's a good series. If you watch the series endlessly, it's Friends.

Friends made our life better for ten incredible seasons. It was no coincidence that the slogan for the TV show was “Everybody needs Friends!”. Six friends gave fans not only happy and funny moments but also real-life lessons.

The smartest one with the oddly cute demeanor of the six was Ross Geller, the most charming character who always found himself in ridiculous situations. He was a palaeontologist with an advanced degree, who graduated from Columbia University. He was very proud of his academic degree and was always happy to talk about his work, which made his friends very bored.

Although being smart, polite, thoughtful, and kind, he didn’t know how to behave himself in society. He often became paranoid when it came to relationships with women. Ever since school days, Ross had been in love with Rachel Green and their love relationship experienced periodic separations and, after ten seasons, reconciliation.

As you think you are a Ross fan, then it will be extremely easy for you to answer all questions right. Let’s check!

Answers at the end!

1. At Which University Was Ross A College Professor?


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