Friends: The Absolute Hardest Monica Geller Quiz On The Internet

How well do you think you know the chief resident of Apartment 20 on 495 Grove Street?

Monica Friends

Though everyone no doubt has their own personal favourite pal when it comes to NBC’s iconic sitcom Friends, if you had to decide on the most integral part of the eclectic group of chums, it’s hard to look past one Geller in particular; No, not you Ross. Go fix us up some margaritas!

From the minute we were first introduced to the gang, it became abundantly clear that Monica was the sun that each other hilarious head revolved around.

Rachel seeks out her old pal after leaving her man at the alter, Joey lives across the hall from the younger Geller, Ross is obviously her older brother, Chandler ends up falling head over heels for her, and Phoebe was her roommate before the show even got underway.

But on top of being the glue that holds the unit together, Monica also possessed the ability to reduce audiences to fits of unbridled laughter, whether it was due to her relentless obsession with cleanliness, excessive competitiveness, or just her ability to cut a move with her bro.

Throughout the course of 10 unforgettable seasons, though, there was an awful lot of Harmonica to process. So, just how well do you think you know the almost ever-present resident of Apartment 20 on 495 Grove Street?

1. At What Age Did Monica Learn To Tell The Time?


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