Friends: The HARDEST Chandler Bing True Or False Quiz On The Internet!

Could this quiz BE any harder?

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One of the greatest things about NBC’s Friends, is that different people gravitate towards different characters. And of the core six characters of the series, a whole host of viewers have often found themselves leaning towards Matthew Perry’s Chandler Bing throughout Friends’ ten-season run.

Initially a pompous smartass, Chandler went on to show a whole range of emotion and vulnerability across Friends’ legendary run – and all the while still maintaining to be, yes, a pompous smartass.

Chandler Bing (and actor Matthew Perry, for that matter) had more than his fair share of highs, his fair share of lows, his fair share of triumphs, and his fair share of heartache, but it seemed to all play out okay for the character by the time all was said and done with Friends – as shown by Chandler and Monica settling down together and adopting twins as the show concludes.

We’ve got the toughest true or false Chandler Bing quiz imaginable for you here. Could this Friends quiz BE any harder? We don't think so. Were you paying close attention to Friends repeats to pick up on all these moments?

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1. Chandler Is Allergic To Dogs


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