Friends: The HARDEST Janice True Or False Quiz On The Internet

OH! MY! GOD! - You'll never 100% this Janice quiz that tests even the most hardcore Friends fans.

Janice Friends

To this day, so many across the globe regularly find themselves sat in front of their TV, laughing away at the antics at show in Friends. Viewed by some as the greatest series in the history of sitcom television, the everyday happenings of Ross, Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler and Joey made for phenomenal TV that has rarely, if ever, been toppled when it comes to situational comedies.

While the clear selling point of Friends across its ten seasons was the core six characters at the show’s heart, one other masterful element that the series also had was a brilliant array of supporting characters and guest stars.

The likes of Brad Pitt, Winona Ryder, Tom Selleck, Bruce Willis, Billy Crystal and Robin Williams all made memorable appearances in Friends, but one other supporting player who forever springs to mind is Maggie Wheeler’s Janice.

Appearing in a total of 19 episodes across Friends’ ten-season run, Janice was often positioned as the on-off girlfriend of Chandler - although she did get up to a lot more than just date Bing during her plentiful appearances.

In classic Janice fashion, here’s a quiz that’ll have ever the biggest of Friends fans uttering “OH MY GOD, this is tough!”

1. Janice's First Married Name Is Janice Litman


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