Friends: The HARDEST Joey Tribbiani True Or False Quiz On The Internet

Friends: Hardest Joey Tribbiani true or false quiz that even Matt LeBlanc would struggle with!

Friends Joey

The loveable idiot of the core group, Joey Tribbiani is viewed by many Friends fans as being the absolute best character of the entire show.

With a ten-season run to its name, Friends continues to wow audiences old and new across the globe, with so many countries and territories regularly airing re-runs of this most beloved of sitcoms on a daily basis. Even 17 years after the show concluded, this series still remains a true powerhouse of must-see TV whenever anyone stumbles across it when channel surfing.

All six of the show’s main characters obviously make up so much of the appeal of Friends, yet it’s often Joey who brings in the most chuckles, who provides the most entertainment, and who can be found making the most stupid, idiotic of comments. And to the credit of the writing of Friends, those laughs and moments of boneheaded entertainment still manage to hit the right beats nearly 20 years after the show called it a day.

Think you really know all there is to know about Joey, though? It’s time to put that to the test, as here we’ve got a true or false quiz that even Matt LeBlanc would struggle with!

1. Joey's Full Name Actually Ends With Jr.


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