Friends: The HARDEST Monica Geller True Or False Quiz On The Internet!

TOUGHEST Friends Monica Geller Quiz!

Friends Monica

The Friends group includes the high-strung chef Monica Geller. She was known as the "Mother Hen" of the group. Monica was seen as an incredibly devoted sibling to her brother Ross, and a loyal friend to the gang. She always cares for everyone, always kind and rational, always the person to turn to when everything seems hopeless.

Fans loved seeing her navigate through life, from her career in the food industry to her quest to find true love. However, she had lots of difficulties at a young age. She was overweight, which extremely affected her. Along with this emotional burden to carry, her parents were disapproving of her, judging and always putting her brother Ross above her. Thus Monica has the desire and the need to prove herself.

As Friends’ self-proclaimed neat freak, Monica never settled for anything less than absolute perfection - from labeled coffee mugs to toilet paper points. Determined and a little too uptight for her own good, Monica’s story eventually led her to fall for and marry Chandler – after a one-night stand proved permanent.

But just how much do you remember of Monica’s story? Only a massive Friends fan will be able to pass this Monica Geller true or false quiz.

1. Monica First Met Chandler At Thanksgiving 1987.


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