Friends: The HARDEST Phoebe Buffay True Or False Quiz On The Internet!

How well do you know Princess Consuela Banana-Hammock?

Friends Phoebe

When it comes to the beloved group of coffeehouse aficionados at the centre of NBC's iconic sitcom Friends, the floopy and flaky eccentric Phoebe Buffay was by far the most unusual.

Just as collections of her songs could form the soundtrack of the show, Phoebe provided vibrancy, energy and unquestionably alternative viewpoints to the more conventional and grounded members of the group. Possessing a more colourful backstory than the other five combined, Phoebe could always be relied upon to bring zaniness, waviness and possibly a little craziness to the fore.

Though she lived the farthest away, she was never far from the action. When there's a strange incident or nugget of history in the Friends universe, odds are that Phoebe was involved... though possibly in one of her past lives. The more insane it sounds, the more likely it's true where Phoebe is concerned.

Phoebe wasn't present during the show's famous trivia contest that lost Monica and Rachel their apartment, but if she had been, these are the true or false questions that the gang would've been asked.

Do you know Phoebe Buffay from Regina Phalange? Prove it!

1. Phoebe Is A Fan Of The Grindcore Band Carcass.


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