Friends: The Hardest True Or False Joey And Monica Quiz On The Internet!

Are you really a Friends fan if you don't scream "I know!" after each question?

Friends Monica And Joey

To think that Friends ended nearly two decades ago is astounding. The NBC sitcom is still loved by all to this very day, and for good reason. Its ensemble cast varied so drastically from one another that allowed them to blend together for the perfect show.

Two of those characters who became beloved are of course Joey and Monica.

In more ways than one, the two are connected throughout the show more than you may realise at first. They both share a love of food, even if Monica enjoys cooking it, whereas Joey enjoys consuming it. Additionally, the love they both have for Chandler is seemingly endless, with Joey and Chandler's bromance being one of the purest in television history.

For all of their similarities, however, they also share several contrasts. Wherever there's a mess, expect to see Joey covered in crumbs while Monica enters a frenzied panic to remove any stains. If Joey's acting like a manchild, Monica won't be far behind as the stern mother hen.

Just how closely were you paying attention to the pair, though? Reckon you studied as hard as Monica did in her and Phoebe's literature class? Put your knowledge to the test, and maybe you can win yourself a Milk Master.

1. Joey's Middle Name Is Francis


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