Friends: The HARDEST Who Said That Quote Quiz Online

You're probably not going to see "How you doin'?" in this quiz!

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The Office, Seinfeld, How I Met Your Mother, Arrested Development, The Simpsons - what do all of these classic sitcoms have in common? Well, besides being some of the most iconic pieces of comedy material ever put to television, these specific shows are fondly remembered for their instantly classic quotables.

Yet one sitcom has always seemed to stand in a different lane when it comes to the quotes: Friends.

While The Office explores the bizarre mishappenings of a, well, office, that restriction might've limited just what the show could pull off. Meanwhile, Friends is literally just a show about friends. Limits be damned.

Having one of the most chemistry-laced casts in TV history, the writers of this '90s titan must have had a field day, or more accurately a field decade, coming up with all of the different memorable lines. With so many quotables, even the world's biggest Friends fan might struggle to remember all the classics, let alone the hidden gems. So to those Friends super-fans, can you remember who said the following lines?

Answers at the end!

1. "Until 25, I Thought The Response To 'I Love You' Was 'Oh Crap'."


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