Friends: The Impossible Chandler Bing True Or False Quiz

The sarcastic one from Friends with a job that nobody really knows what it is...

Friends Chandler Bing

The sarcastic one with a job that nobody really knows what it is, Chandler Bing played a pivotal part in what made Friends such a hugely popular and massively entertaining show for its ten-season run.

Played by Matthew Perry, Chandler was so often tied at the hip to Joey before he eventually ending up settling down with Monica - all with a little bit of Janice, Kathy and a few other select love interests thrown in for good measure at various points.

Complete with a quip for every occasion, Chauncey was responsible for so many of Friends’ greatest zingers and most memorable wisecracks. Well, in addition to his numerous insecurities and plentiful issues rooted in his childhood and his parents’ divorce.

Hey, we’ve all got our problems, and for Chandler his way of dealing with any such issues was by resorting to quick-witted sarcasm. And for audiences, that damn sure made for great television.

Perfect for those major Friends enthusiasts, then, here is a Chandler true or false quiz that will test the knowledge of even the biggest of Friends fans. Let's find out how much you really know about Chandler Bing.

1. Chandler’s Thanksgiving Feast Consists Of Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.


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