Friends: The Impossible Complete The Quote Quiz

Can you fill in all the blanks of these famous (and not so famous) Friends quotes?

Friends Joey

One of the greatest sitcoms of a generation, Friends followed six New Yorkers as they faced some of the challenges we all do in adult life.

Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Ross, Joey and Chandler all found themselves trying to find love, deal with terrible jobs, and experience the general struggles of adulthood.

Over the ten seasons of Friends, the show was filled with amazing jokes and one-liners that couldn't help but make us laugh. There was Ross' unhelpful instructions during his struggle at trying to get his new couch up the stairs. We saw Joey's success with his famous pick-up line. The words to Phoebe’s "Smelly Cat" became as famous as a song by professional artists. The question is, can you remember all the brilliant quotes by the Friends gang?

We've taken 15 Friends quotes and removed some of the words in this impossible quiz. All you need to do is work out what words should fill in the gap. Can you fill all the blanks of these famous (and not so famous) Friends quotes? Let's find out if you have what it takes to get 100% in this ultimate Friends quotes quiz!

Don't forget, all of the answers can be found at the end of the quiz. Good luck!

1. Damn All The ____!


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