Friends: The Impossible Joey Tribbiani Quiz

How well do you know the loveable ladies' man?

Friends Joey

Over ten years and 236 episodes of Friends, the show has come up with a lot of iconic moments, and while all six of the main characters are loved by all, more of these moments seem to belong to Joey Tribbiani than anyone else.

From struggling to speak French, to throwing a girl's wooden leg on the fire, and the most iconic pick up line in TV history, Joey has earned himself his status as one of the most popular Friends characters ever. He even had his own spin-off, and while it wasn't exactly a hit, the character's popularity is still as strong as ever.

Throughout his time on Friends, while characters like Rachel and Chandler grew up and became genuine adults, Joey almost regressed in this way, becoming dumber and dumber. He was essentially Monica and Chandler's first baby, and that's why we love him.

But how well do you know him? We all know he was Dr. Drake Ramoray. We all know his opinion on sharing food. We all know that he officiated both Chandler and Monica, and Phoebe and Mike's weddings, but what about the smaller details? Even Chandler would struggle to ace this quiz.

1. Joey Pretended Phoebe Was His Girlfriend To Break Up Angela And Bob.


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