Friends: The Impossible PETS Quiz

Can you remember the name of Ross' monkey or which Friends character secretly hates dogs?

Friends Ross Cat
The CW

They say a man’s best friend is his dog but what happens if that man secretly hates dogs? Infamously, one of the main characters in Friends pretended to be allergic to dogs so they didn’t have to live with one because the secret truth was they actually hated dogs. Can you imagine that?

We won’t spoil who owns that particular accolade as it’s the very first question on this quiz but it has to go down as one of the most shocking moments in all of Friends!

Pets come and go a little like love interests and other supporting characters in Friends over its 10 epic seasons. Perhaps with the exception of Ross’ monkey and the Chick and the Duck who stick around a little longer than the average pet’s time in the show.

Now you’ve seen every episode of Friends, how much attention were you paying to all of these furry and cute creatures who temporarily invaded the lives of our famous Manhattanites.

Take our quiz below and remember you can find the answers at the very end.

1. Which Character Claims To Hate Dogs?


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