Friends: The Most Insanely Difficult Joey Tribbiani Quiz

We all know that Joey Tribbiani is secretly the best Friends character but is he the most memorable?


Legend has it that Matt Le Blanc is the main reason Joey Tribbiani is the loveable idiot we all know in Friends.

The story goes that the writers initially intended for Joey to be the snarky character of the group and although you can definitely still see the seeds of that in the first two seasons, it definitely switches to Joey being more dumbed down by season 3. This was apparently Matt Le Blanc's idea and it's a decision that would come to define not only how we see the character, but probably the actor's whole career.

Joey Tribbiani's cool, laid-back persona made him easily the most watchable character on Friends. But how well do you really remember everything that Joey got up to in his 235 episodes, across ten glorious seasons?

Can you remember which jobs, besides acting, that Joey lent his hand to for various periods? What about how lucky Joey really was with the ladies? Can you actually remember which Hollywood actor Joey Tribbiani was hired as a butt-double for?

We all know that Joey Tribbiani is secretly the best character on the show but is he the most memorable? Take our quiz below and find out for yourself. As always, remember answers are at the end and leave a comment to let us know how you did!

1. Joey Never Had Which Of The Following Jobs?


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