Friends: The Most Sarcastic Chandler Bing Quiz Ever

What sarcastic response did Chandler give to these quotes?

Chandler Bing Friends

Even now, 17 years after the final episode of Friends first aired, the sitcom is still as beloved as ever. It's one of the most rewatchable shows out there, with the wonderful titular group of six being one of the biggest reasons for its success.

Everyone has their own favourite character, but it's possible that Chandler is the most popular of them all. Not only is he one of the best characters in Friends, he is one of the most iconic characters in the wider world of TV in general.

Though he benefitted from ten years of development, and can't be defined by just one characteristic, his sense of humour and sarcasm are certainly one of the things people think of first when Chandler comes to mind. So much so that he was even dared by his friends to give up making fun of them as part of a new year's resolution.

Some of Chandler's one liners have become legendary, and any fan of the show could recite most of them on the spot. However, do you know what they were said in response to? Prove just how big a Chandler Bing fan you are by matching the sarcasm to the quote that preceded it.

1. "I Just Want To Be Married Again" - Ross


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